Safety 1st Plug Protectors, Pack of 24

$3.97 CAD

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Why do we love this?

Don't wait until your baby actually needs safety-proofing done around the house! Get these in advance so that you're ready to go when the day your little one starts crawling inevitable comes (it's usually sooner than you think!)

These Safety 1st Plug protectors are rounded plastic and fit right into any standard size outlet plug to keep babies from sticking fingers or other objects into the plug. These protectors also come in a pack of 24, so you can get every plug in the house, or pack a few to go when you're travelling or visiting friends and family.

  • Helps protect children from putting sharp objects or fingers into unused electrical outlets.
  • Child resistant round edges make it difficult for children to remove.
  • Removable and reusable; For best performance, ensure that your wall outlet and face plate are installed correctly and are flush with each other. If the wall outlet and faceplate are not flush, gaps may form between the face plate and the plug protector, potentially making it easier for a child to defeat the device.
  • Fits any standard size outlet plug.
  • Recommended age is 6 months and up.

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