PolicyMe Life Insurance

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Why do we love this?

When you become a parent, part of your heart starts to live outside of your body. With that comes the realization that you need to prepare for the worst so you can get back to enjoying the best and most joyful moments with your baby. We won't sugar coat it, when you have a baby, you need life insurance. But that doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of time, money, or stress to figure out the details. And you don't even need to leave the comfort of your glider chair to apply.

We got our life insurance through PolicyMe, an online life insurance company with an easy application process and competitive rates for Canadians. PolicyMe makes it easy to get customized advice and buy life insurance 100% online, no paperwork, no hassle, which means you can do the application in between feedings, or even while baby is napping on your chest.

What else do we love about PolicyMe?

1. Instant decision: You can find out if you’re approved for coverage instantly, instead of waiting weeks with most other companies. Plus, most people don’t require a medical exam.

2. Lowest rates in Canada: On average, PolicyMe rates can be roughly 10%-20% lower than other insurers in Canada. PolicyMe fixed the many inefficiencies in the life insurance process and passed those savings back to you through a more affordable policy.

3. Easy, straight forward process: What traditionally took weeks and involved confusing paperwork and insurance jargon can now be done in around 15 minutes through an easy-to-understand application.

Get the life insurance you need so you can focus on finding more joy in parenting!

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