My Kindness Advent Calendar - SALE

$50.00 CAD

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Why do we love this?

It's a familiar Christmas tradition with a modern twist - teach your child to reach out and help those in your village! The My Kindness Advent Calendar uses reusable fabric decals to help kids count down to Christmas with acts of kindness instead of chocolates or toys. Our little ones haven't missed the idea of treats at all as they get to choose a fun act of kindness daily, from December 1st to 25th, from the reusable ornament-shaped decals included with the calendar - parents (or the kids!) can also add a few personalized ideas to the customizable decals. This makes an adorable - and kind - gift to a family with young children.

What's included with My Kindness Calendar?

  • 1 Wall Calendar with space for 25 decals, 18”W x 22”H

  • 25 Act of Kindness Decals, specifically chosen to foster vital social-emotional skills and act as conversation starters around:

    EMPATHY: ex. Donate to a Food Bank
    GRATITUDE: ex. Write Someone a Thank You Note
    GROWTH MINDSET: ex. Teach Someone Something New
    SELF-CONFIDENCE: ex. Give Someone a Compliment
    INCLUSION: ex. Learn About Another Culture
    GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: ex. Give to a Favourite Charity

  • 5 Customizable Decals

  • What else do we love about My Kindness Calendar?

  • Premium-quality reusable wall decals are durable, removable and reusable, leave no residue behind and maintain quality with each use
  • Designed in Canada, made in the U.S.A.
  • Developed in consultation with leading child psychologists and educators
  • 5% of profits to charity

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