What Do You Say to a Friend Who Just Had a New Baby?

October 22, 2021

Do you say the same thing to a friend who just had a new baby that you would say to a best friend who just had a new baby?

Before having kids, I would always ask "How can I help?" and when the new mama stared blankly at me, I would follow up with: "Well, I'm here! Just let me know what I can do!" And that was the end of it. I felt like I had "done my duty" in offering help and if my friend didn't reach out to let me know exactly how and when I could help, it was because she didn't actually need any help.

Then I had a baby.

SURPRISE! New moms need a LOT of help. But there's a lot of reasons why she might not tell you how you can help:

  • she just doesn't know how to verbalize what kind of help she needs;

  • she is having trouble delegating tasks;

  • she feels guilty asking for help or imposing on you;

  • she's scared;

  • she's overwhelmed;

  • she doesn't know if you're serious about offering help, or how big or small a task you're willing to take off her plate;

  • she feels shame for not "being able to do it all on her own";

  • and there may be a dozen other reasons why she doesn't or can't ask for help.

  • Organizemyvillage.com lets a new parent put all the organization in one place - and let's friends and family self-schedule. Which takes away a lot of the functional and emotional setbacks to asking for help. Sure - it won't take away all the shame, guilt, fear, and overwhelm. But it sure helps to know that your friends and family are absolutely willing to help and you don't have to directly ask them or schedule them in to do it. We take care of all of that for you, so you can go take a nap or a shower (or quite possibly, BOTH!)

    When we asked this question on our Instagram feed @organizemyvillage, we got all sorts of answers:

  • "What do you need right now? I think often times we assume. I remember very specifically asking my little sister to go to the grocery store one evening to buy a head of cabbage so I could sooth my tender boobs. 😂";

  • "The second is what we say to everyone 😂";

  • "Asking the real questions is so important";

  • "I always share this platform with growing families ... because it eliminates the shame/disappointment that can come with asking for help. A link is less “personal” and feels very doable 😍";

  • So tell us - as a friend or family mamber, what do YOU say to a friend, or a best friend, who just had a baby? As a new mom or mom-to-be, What kind of support would be most helpful for YOU? What's holding you back from asking for that help? Let us know at hello@organizemyvillage.com or find us on social media

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    About Us and a Welcome to our Blog!

    July 7, 2021

    When you become a parent, you have to adjust to all the new things about having a new tiny person in your life – lack of sleep, feeding schedules, learning to swaddle. But it’s not just the new things that are overwhelming. Laundry, walking the dog, meal planning, picking up your oldest child from school – life didn’t stop when the baby was born, in fact it feels like it’s only getting started.

    That’s why Organize My Village is an online scheduling tool built with parents in mind. Founder Maria felt exactly this way when she had her first child. She knew that she needed help, but she didn’t know how to ask (or even that she could!) Organize My Village is a way for parents to ask their family and friends for support without guilt!

    The online scheduler allows parents to simply ask for what they need and get support from their family and friends – no guilt, no fuss, no feelings of obligation, just the help parents need when they need it.

    This all sounds great, right? I think we just heard a collective sigh of relief from all the mamas-to-be out there!

    But you may be wondering - how does it work?

    We have recently created a series of Youtube videos that breaks down:

  • how Organize My Village works;

  • how to use Organize My Village as a new parent;

  • how to set up a calendar and customize what kind of help you need (we even provide suggestions to help you get started!);

  • how to create daily tasks, weekly tasks, or occasional tasks;

  • how to create a shopping “wish list”, so you can really benefit from all the offers of “Let me know what I can do to help!”

  • where to find your “invite code” and how to send this code to friends and family who want to help;

  • how to sync your Organize My Village calendar with your personal calendar (Google, iCloud), etc., so you’re always in the know;

  • how to use Organize My Village as a friend, family member, neighbour or other helpful member of the new family’s support system.

  • Check out the videos below or visit our Youtube channel.

    Welcome to Organize My Village – How to Use Organize My Village as a New Parent

    How to Create a New Visit or Task Entry

    How to Add an Item to Your Wish List

    How to Add or Invite Friends and Family Members to Your Calendar

    How to Sign up to Help or Visit as a Friend or Family Member

    You can also click here to see a sample of what your calendar could look like.

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